What to Expect

//What to Expect

At Jordan Financial Solutions, we believe in empowering you with the tools needed to make fundamental, life-shaping decisions. Therefore, it is important that you understand each and every step in the process:

Our financial planning process is structured to make your experience with us straight forward, transparent and most importantly, enjoyable. One of our Financial Planners will work closely with you at each stage of the process to ensure they have a full understanding of your personal situation and lifestyle goals, and can develop a plan suited to your needs.

We follow a simple 9 step financial planning process to deliver clear and simple solutions to your financial situation.


Initial Interview

  • We will meet with you at the time agreed upon.
  • Initial interviews commonly take approximately 45 minutes.

Identify & Prioritise Goals

  • We will consider relevant timeframes & the importance of each objective relative to your financial means.
  • We will help you identify all your financial & lifestyle goals.

Data Collection

  • We will collect all relevant information from you in order to accurately capture your current position.

Budget Planning

  • We will examine your current spending levels & consider ways in which we can maximise your cash flow position.


  • We will analyse your relevant needs to determine whether they are being fulfilled.

Strategic Research & Modelling

  • We will utilize our knowledge and the vast resources at our disposal to provide you with written recommendations on how you can achieve your goals.
  • We consider various issues, including taxation and social security, to ensure that your overall financial position will be significantly improved.

Statement of Advice Meeting

  • We will arrange a time to meet with you, where we will discuss our recommendations and the implications attached to such decisions.


  • We will provide and assist you with the paperwork so that you can implement any agreed recommendations.
  • We will follow up with the relevant person/company to ensure implementation is timely and efficient.

Ongoing Review & Service

  • We will help you review your objectives, financial situation and needs, as it is inevitable that they will change over time.


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Pre Retirees

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