When becoming a ‘Retiree’, these people will be satisfied to know that they have finally made it. Setting the alarm to get up for work is now a thing of the past. The kids have left home, although that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like them and the grandchildren to visit more often. Retirees now have time to pursue their hobbies and passions – like lower their golf handicap or visit the far reaches of the world.

The fact is, the only worry is how to fit everything into their day, as they seem busier now than when they were working.

This, of course, is the ideal position each and every ‘Retiree’ wants to be in – no longer having to worry about whether or not they have sufficient money or where will it come from. In a perfect world, these Retirees don’t need to be anxious if their investments are safe or not or whether they will be in a position to look after their family should anything go wrong.

The only caution to retirement is that you must be comfortable knowing your wealth is invested appropriately to accomplish your retirement goals and that it is in the care of real professionals.

At JFS, we understand the merit of wealth preservation being equally as important as wealth creation. We also know that at this stage of your life, there is no opportunity to make up for any mistakes. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for these types of individuals to go back to work to re-build their nest egg, nor would they want to.

Becoming a ‘Retiree’ is an achievement of their hard work and prolonged dedication to their field. As such, enjoying the benefits of retirement should never be jeopardised based on financial situation or circumstance.

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A ‘Pre-Retiree’ is commonly referred to as a person


When becoming a ‘Retiree’, these people will be satisfied