Estate Planning can be a complicated area that requires close attention to ensure our assets are passed on in accordance with our wishes. It is fair to say that nobody wishes to consider a world without ourselves in it, yet we all know that day will come for everyone. We all work hard to build a foundation for ourselves and our families and as such it becomes equally as important to ensure that everything we’ve worked for will be distributed to our selected beneficiaries should any unforeseen circumstance take place.

A sufficient estate plan guarantees that the ownership and control of all of our assets can be properly passed on and that the transition of assets is as tax-effective and efficient as possible. Having our affairs adequately looked after in the most tax-friendly manner allows us to be sure that our legacy will be handled appropriately and hence delivered according to our own desires.

At JFS, we place immense value on establishing tailored estate plans to meet your specific needs and wishes. This ensures that you are able to control your assets with the appropriate structure to capitalise on any tax concessions, as well as, sufficiently pass on your legacy to future generations