An ‘Accumulator’ is commonly referred to as a person in their early thirties to late forties, possibly older. They may be part of a family with kids, a dog and a mortgage or they could be single and career-focused.

These type of individuals wake up every morning tied down by worries and responsibilities or conversely they may wake up feeling optimistic, even carefree and content with both their career path and private life and facing the future with anticipation.

Whichever it is, this is the period in their life when their circumstances can and usually do, change very quickly: careers, relationships, locations, everything and anything.

As an ‘Accumulator’, it is imperative to ensure that your financial situation can change with you and adapt rapidly to your changing needs, yet always keeping an eye on the overall goal.

Whether this involves making inroads into your home loan, saving up for school fees, building up assets apart from your home, or even beginning to plan for retirement, accumulating wealth now will secure your financials for tomorrow.