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Any advice provided by Jordan Financial Solutions: Accounting and Taxation detailed above is provided independently of Jordan Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and our Licensee, AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd. Neither Jordan Financial Solutions Pty Ltd, nor AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd take any responsibility for any actions or service they provide.


The proposed website includes information regarding services that are not covered by AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd. These services include, preparation and lodgement of tax returns for personal and small business clients, and incorporation services for the establishment of companies, trusts and superfunds.

We specialise in working with private and family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. We seek to develop strong relationships with our clients and understand their business, industry and personal goals. Our advice is based on an in depth understanding of the stages of business growth from start-up through to maturity and diversification.


A ‘Starter’ is commonly referred to as a person


An ‘Accumulator’ is commonly referred to as a person

Pre Retirees

A ‘Pre-Retiree’ is commonly referred to as a person


When becoming a ‘Retiree’, these people will be satisfied